Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hardy Marquis Fly Reels


The Marquis fly reel is a Hardy classic which is once more being manufactured. The new reel frames and spools are all interchangeable with the old original reels made years ago. This new Marquis fly reel is built to the original design specifications.

If you own an old Marquis reel which has been damaged you can replace the parts with parts from this new reel. Only minor changes to the internal mechanism have been made in the new line of Marquis reels.The internal cam has undergone a minor redesign so as to give more range to the click-check.
The new  Marquis reels are manufactured from high-grade aluminium with a polished silver rim.

Marquis Features:
Reel frame and spools are completely interchangeable with the original reels.
Marquis reels have an all-aluminium frame which gives them strength .
Reels have a polished silver rim with the classic appearance.
Three sizes are made to cover every salmon fishing requirement.

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