Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardy Fly Fishing Reel Guide

The fly fishing reel is of less importance in use than say a spinning or bait casting reel. For fly casting the reel does not come into use at all and its main purpose is just to reel in and store the fly line and backing. For most trout fishing a very standard fly reel with a ratchet check is all that is required.

When fly fishing for Trout some anglers do not use the reel and simply hand strip the line. For them the fly reel is just used to store the fly line when it is not in use. Hand stripping to retrieve the fly line, is much faster and yields better control than using a fly reel to reel it in.

When fishing for bigger and stronger fish, such as Salmon or large trout the fly reel is much more important in playing the fish, as these bigger fish will run and take out line and backing. You require more backing when fly fishing for these bigger fish, as they will run after taking the fly.

It is possible to retrieve the line by hand stripping, but with the greater length of line there is a risk that the line could become entangled – so it makes better sense to use a fly reel. Salmon fly reels are of similar design to trout reels, but of larger diameter and width in order to acommodate the additional length of heavier line required.

For more information about Hardy fly fishing reels see our website.

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