Monday, August 22, 2011

Small Flies For Big Trout?

Should you use big flies when you are fishing for big trout? The answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem. We would assume that a big fish wants a big mouthful to eat, but in fact this is not always the case.

It is a good idea to start fishing with a bigger fly to see what results you get. If the trout are not responding then move down to a smaller size fly. You may find that the large trout you are looking for actually take a small fly in preference to a big one. It may be a matter of curiosity rather than of getting something to eat. The fish sees this little thing go skating around in the water and wants to find out what it is so he grabs it.

You will often experience fish who follow your fly right in to the river bank, or to your feet if you are wading. They may do this several times with no attempt to take the fly. Obviously they are curious, and want to check out this funny little thing they have spotted. But they have no real desire to grab it or eat it apparently.

Rising "short" is another example of this phenomenon. You are fishing in a lake, and trout repeatedly rise to your fly and swirl close to it without taking it.They appear to be curious and just checking it out.

Large trout undoubtedly eat small fish for a substantial meal, but they can also be persuaded to take a small fly or nymph very readily at times. So when you go looking for large trout in certain waters by all means start fishing with a big fly, but don't stick with that if you are not getting results. Move down to progressively smaller sizes and try different patterns to see what results you get.It may surprise you!!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hardy Fly Fishing Reel Guide

The fly fishing reel is of less importance in use than say a spinning or bait casting reel. For fly casting the reel does not come into use at all and its main purpose is just to reel in and store the fly line and backing. For most trout fishing a very standard fly reel with a ratchet check is all that is required.

When fly fishing for Trout some anglers do not use the reel and simply hand strip the line. For them the fly reel is just used to store the fly line when it is not in use. Hand stripping to retrieve the fly line, is much faster and yields better control than using a fly reel to reel it in.

When fishing for bigger and stronger fish, such as Salmon or large trout the fly reel is much more important in playing the fish, as these bigger fish will run and take out line and backing. You require more backing when fly fishing for these bigger fish, as they will run after taking the fly.

It is possible to retrieve the line by hand stripping, but with the greater length of line there is a risk that the line could become entangled – so it makes better sense to use a fly reel. Salmon fly reels are of similar design to trout reels, but of larger diameter and width in order to acommodate the additional length of heavier line required.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hardy Acquisition Of Greys Fishing

Hardy acquired the rod manufacturer Greys in 1999. This company was founded in 1968 by Mr Grey when he retired from Hardy's. Hardy has since developed the Greys brand so that it now includes top value salmon and trout tackle and top quality carp tackle also.

The Company's name was changed in 2004 from House of Hardy Ltd to Hardy & Greys Ltd in order to reflect the wide range of products being produced.

Chub Fishing was acquired in 2005, and this brought an extensive range of coarse fishing tackle into Hardy's product line.

Hardy designs all the tackle sold under the Hardy, Greys and Chub brand names at its Alnwick headquarters. Advanced computer software,in custom designed static and dynamic testing ensure that all products both meet Hardy quality standards and satisfy the angler. Hardy's facilities ensure that prototypes can be tested under rigorous testing conditions. Hardy continues to lead the world with its products. An example is the 2003 "Fly Fish America" Magazine's Tackle Review "Editor's Choice" which named the Hardy GEM reel the best saltwater fly reel available today.

Hardy North America has offically opened their new warehouse service and distribution facility, from where Hardy & Greys products will be shipped out to US dealers.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hardy North America has access to logistic services to all North America and dealers can expect efficient service.

Staff at the new warehouse includes experienced Sales Administration, Customer Services associates and Warehouse Personnel who work together to provide the best of service that Hardy has provided for more than 150 years

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hardy Marquis Fly Reels


The Marquis fly reel is a Hardy classic which is once more being manufactured. The new reel frames and spools are all interchangeable with the old original reels made years ago. This new Marquis fly reel is built to the original design specifications.

If you own an old Marquis reel which has been damaged you can replace the parts with parts from this new reel. Only minor changes to the internal mechanism have been made in the new line of Marquis reels.The internal cam has undergone a minor redesign so as to give more range to the click-check.
The new  Marquis reels are manufactured from high-grade aluminium with a polished silver rim.

Marquis Features:
Reel frame and spools are completely interchangeable with the original reels.
Marquis reels have an all-aluminium frame which gives them strength .
Reels have a polished silver rim with the classic appearance.
Three sizes are made to cover every salmon fishing requirement.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fly Fishing Reels Hardy Review

The history of Hardy fishing tackle is a long and proud one. In 1891 Hardy  patented its most famous fly reel. The model "Perfect" fly reel was enthusiastically received, and this design has been manufactured ever since that date. With only minor alterations, the reel is still in production today. 

Hardy has made some very important advances in the design of fishing tackle. It invented bridge rings, stud-lock rod joints, spiral lock-fast rod joints, split-end rod joints, and  also the well known "W" and screw-grip fittings in trout and salmon fly rods. Hardy developed the first ball bearing fly fishing reels,  and invented the check mechanism which is placed within the reel arbor.

Hardy has a record of innovation in fishing tackle which testifies to the expertise of the company. Three generations of Hardy's family have been active in the company. This includes some well known and celebrated anglers such as John James Hardy who was World Champion Fly Caster.

His nephew "LRH" became the most famous fly fisherman of the period. His fly casting skills became near legendary. James L Hardy (JLH),  the grandson of founder William Hardy, carried on the family tradition as a winning tournament caster. He held 25 British National Professional casting records, and in addition 10 British All-Comers Professional fly casting records, and he was 3 times World Professional Casting Champion.

Jim Hardy retired in 1992 and then as a consultant assisted in product development for the company; in 1998 he wrote and published a history of the Hardy family. For more information see