Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fly Fishing Reels Hardy Review

The history of Hardy fishing tackle is a long and proud one. In 1891 Hardy  patented its most famous fly reel. The model "Perfect" fly reel was enthusiastically received, and this design has been manufactured ever since that date. With only minor alterations, the reel is still in production today. 

Hardy has made some very important advances in the design of fishing tackle. It invented bridge rings, stud-lock rod joints, spiral lock-fast rod joints, split-end rod joints, and  also the well known "W" and screw-grip fittings in trout and salmon fly rods. Hardy developed the first ball bearing fly fishing reels,  and invented the check mechanism which is placed within the reel arbor.

Hardy has a record of innovation in fishing tackle which testifies to the expertise of the company. Three generations of Hardy's family have been active in the company. This includes some well known and celebrated anglers such as John James Hardy who was World Champion Fly Caster.

His nephew "LRH" became the most famous fly fisherman of the period. His fly casting skills became near legendary. James L Hardy (JLH),  the grandson of founder William Hardy, carried on the family tradition as a winning tournament caster. He held 25 British National Professional casting records, and in addition 10 British All-Comers Professional fly casting records, and he was 3 times World Professional Casting Champion.

Jim Hardy retired in 1992 and then as a consultant assisted in product development for the company; in 1998 he wrote and published a history of the Hardy family. For more information see http://www.flyfishingreelshardy.net/

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